The Fuge is now selling its hand-crafted gourmet ice cream.

order online and pick the next open day!

Chocolate - Creamsicle - Lavender Honey

Banana Chocolate Chip - Coffee - Strawberry

Mint Chocolate Chip - Peaches and Cream 

Vanilla - Cookies and Cream - Birthday Cake

Cookie Dough - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate Brownie - Cherry Water Ice

Lemon Water Ice - Mango Water Ice

New flavors added every week!

Order your favorite flavor online !


The Most Unique Venue in the Universe

Three Amazing Venues Under One Roof


The History 

From the mid 1940's through 1996 the US Navy operated 31 development laboratories in Warminster, Pennsylvania. These labs worked on military applications of technologies that we all take for granted today; including flight data recorder or "black box" technology, GPS and photosensitive lenses, generating over 50 patents annually. Among the labs at the Johnsville Naval Air Development Center (NADC) was the Aviation Medical Acceleration Laboratory (AMAL) the centerpiece of which was the largest and most powerful human centrifuge that the world has ever seen.


Our Cuisine

Take your party to the next level here at The Fuge!  No party is too big or too outrageous here.  Whether it’s a spectacular surprise party you’re scheming, a super Sweet 16, a school prom, retirement or anniversary party, or you want to gather a few hundred of your closest friends on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop on 37’ screens, we’ve got your venue!

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